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Let Us Clean Your Floor

We understand that you have a busy lifestyle, so instead of spending your time on your hands and knees trying to clean the tile and grout, let the Heaven’s Best tile professionals do it for you! With over twelve hundred locations around the United States, Heaven’s Best has been recognized as a leader in natural stone and tile and grout cleaning since 1983. We will get rid of the signs of neglect and old age. The grease and grime that has accumulated in the porous grout lines will be gone; leaving a sparkling floor that looks like new. Our exclusive process not only cleans deep inside the tile and grout lines, but also kills 99.9% of all the germs surrounding the areas including your sinks, bathrooms, showers, toilets, etc.
In order to properly clean the floors, we first apply our exclusive Heaven’s Best tile and grout cleaner which breaks up the dirt stuck deep in the tile and grout. Our cleaner is eco-green, chlorine-free, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-carcinogenic, and is biodegradable. In other words, it is safe for children, pets, and the environment.

Next, we scrub the floor, paying special attention to the grout lines and the extra tough spots. After we clean and sanitize the tile and grout and allow it to dry, we seal the grout with our exclusive Heaven's Best sealer. The grout absorbs the sealer into its pores, creating a barrier against future staining. Grout sealing process preserves the natural beauty of the grout lines.
We clean all types of natural stone and man-made tile including marble, granite, slate, limestone, travertine, sandstone, Ceramic tile, Quarry tile, Saltillo tile, Porcelain tile, Terrazzo, brick, and Paver Stone.

Our best advertising is word of mouth from extremely satisfied customers! We invite you to try our services and join the myriad of satisfied Heaven’s Best customers. We want to be your natural stone and tile and grout cleaner for life!

You deserve the very best with Heaven’s Best!!!